Fabric Installation

28 November 2020 – 10 January 2021

at The Jam Factory

(Press Release)

From painting to embroidery inspired by the flow of water…

It has been nearly a year that the COVID pandemic causes unprecedented damages to public health, economy, illness, losses, as well as fear of this novel virus, thus affecting lives of people worldwide. In this regard the artist realize the greatness of nature and the fragility of life.

Back then Narissara was in pursuit of life balance after the waves of fear and panic disappeared. Every time she got on a river-crossing ferry, she could feel the power of nature that has gone through thick and thin despite countless of circumstances. Sometimes the stream appears gentle, while other times it turns harsh. She started to wonder “what is the balance of the stream?” and “what is the balance of life?” The artist expressed her ideas through her new fabric installation.