Embroidery and Acrylic on Calico

The modern world with all its technological advances may give us access to a wealth of information at the push of a button, but our existential quest to find the ‘meaning of life’, or our natural curiosity to understand the reason and cause of loneliness/emptiness still goes unanswered.

When I look at people, I sometimes sense their unhappiness which I empathize with, and reflects some of my own sentiments. It is as if our hearts and souls are only given temporary relief from discontent, and we are inevitably left feeling unfulfilled.

The images of various animals shown in this exhibition represent those mentioned feelings, which initially has no weight, or shape, and is unique to each individual. Animals also have a close relationship and connection with our own subconscious in many different ways.

The embroidery in the artwork are a symbol of the temporary relief that we use to patch up our discontent. This representation serves to bring back the emotions that the audience may have hidden away, or forgotten.