Graduated with a M.F.A. in painting from Silpakorn University. I am known for the figurative paintings which featured in the Thai movie ‘February’, shot in 2003 in NYC. I have been constantly expanding my artistic skills to include other forms ranging from poetry to a book compiling my often unsettling thoughts and also working with street artists. I have various and diverse approaches to my art; from drawing, painting and embroidery to sculpture and site specific.

My latest work explores the human mental state in an increasingly connected environment, and the effects of the surroundings on our sense of self and identity. It represents numerous lines of inquiry, such as: is there any mutation on the self and subject when the boundaries between being seen and seeing, the privacy and public, and the real and virtual are blurred in the technological society?

Instead of using new media to tap the potential of mutated technological identifications, I purposively employ hand embroidery and physically tangible mediums, to intuitively embrace and interpret the vulnerability of humans in the immaterial world of digital media. It recognises the socio-cultural impacts of global networking, and in doing so reveal the struggle for human’s mortal existence and the beliefs in raw humanity.