Acrylic on Canvas

17 December 2020 – 4 April 2021

VS Gallery, contact number : (66)89 013 9966

(Press release)

This art collection was created during mid-2020 period, under Thailand Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. We can not consider whether this is lucky or not for a painter who had challenged herself although many years to create arts in other discipline. When under condition of not able to go outside her house, Narissara needs to return to the painting practice which she used to be most familiar with.

“A Secret Garden” is inspired by psychological defence mechanism under impact of Covid-19. When the artist, a simple human beings who live as urban people since being born, faces the situation when Mother Earth wants to take the normality back to the natural environment, so Narissara used artistic process to examine and contemplate her own internal phenomenon while all human beings need to cope with some power that can reign over them.