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Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan.
Artist in Residency Programme,
Embroidery, Soft Sculpture, Fabric installation
Exhibition : 20th September – 4th November 2019
Photo : Ujin Matsuo
Courtesy : Koganecho Bazaar 2019

‘The Parallel World’ is the project I consider ‘the New Menagerie’ as visual culture, which relates to our feelings of everyday life in a contemporary time. I represent how it is toned, coloured, and textured.

I work on a 2.5 metres wide embroidery piece, to energise it. When we look at a piece from afar, we will get some kind of feeling or experience but when looking closer, we will see groups of complicated threads. The feeling or experience is now changed from what you first saw it.

And I also create a new fabric landscape in human scale in my venue. The most important aspect of my work is human interaction, having the audience being able to walk through, interact and touch to allow them to experience the overlap between reality and fantasy.

While the venue is occupied by the large embroidery and fabric landscape, there is an artist live space on the second floor, to showcase my working environment of The Parallel Word through pieces of sketch which obtained and draw the inspirations from researches, investigations by living with the community.  And as I was not there while this exhibition was held until November 2019, the ambience of this small space was my ‘PRESENCE IN ABSENCE’.

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